Aqueous returns to Chicago’s Lincoln Hall: 11/16/2017

Aqueous 2017

By Stephen Ruiz

Groove rock juggernaut and improvisation specialists, Aqueous, are launching into their 2017 Fall tour Tuesday, October 24th, in Wilmington, North Carolina. A lengthy 26-date tour that runs through December, with New Years’ performances at the Fillmore in Denver, and a special New Years Eve throw-down in their hometown of Buffalo, New York.

Coming off their latest live release, “Aqueous Live 9/16/17 Indianapolis, Indiana” and their recent single, “Weight of the Word” the band has been busy since their last appearance in Chicago at the Live On Lincoln street festival.

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Economic Downturn and Potential of Bridgeport, Chicago

Ramova Theatre, out of business since 1985. Photo by Lauren Yard

By Alheli Garcia, Stephen Ruiz, and Lauren Yard

Bridgeport, a community of nearly 32,000 people located on the South Side, is known for its blue and white collar workmanship and diverse community developed nearly 200 years ago.

Neighborhoods in Bridgeport historically thrived mainly on local businesses including restaurants, convenience stores and department stores.

The once thriving community is now primarily filled with vacant storefronts as shown in the story map below. Due to a deteriorating economy, many storefronts are now vacant. This causes local market values to decrease significantly.

“Businesses were better back then when the stores weren’t vacant here,” said Elaine Sakellariou, owner of George’s Restaurant located down the street from Guaranteed Rate Field. “All the kids in the neighborhood had a job back then and would start working at 14 years old. The storefronts were full; if you needed shoes or a dress for a party, there were stores to go to.”

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Google Earth Pro Video: 10 Rockin’ Concert Venues Across the USA

The Gorge Amphitheatre (Photo Via Wikimedia Commons)

By Stephen Ruiz

From coast-to-coast, America is filled with historic landmarks and scenic locations sure to take your breath away. Resting amongst these sites are numerous mind-blowing concert venues, from outdoor amphitheaters burrowed in the mountains to stunning indoor spaces with fascinating history.

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Craft Beer Breweries: Indiana

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

By Stephen Ruiz

This infographic details Indiana’s craft beer market. Ranking 15th in the nation, Indiana currently has 115 craft breweries. The Brewers Association reveals Indiana nearly tripling in breweries since 2011. Because of this, Indiana currently ranks 27th in the United States with 182,978 barrels produced per year.


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Graphic: Chicago Homicides by Year (1990-2016)

By Stephen Ruiz

This graph illustrates the number of homicides in Chicago from 1990-2016. The figures were relatively consistent between 450-550 homicides per year from 2004-2014, but have been on the rise the last 2 years.

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An Overview of FIFA World Cup Moments

FIFA World Cup 2006 – Germany vs. Sweden – Photo via Wikimedia Commons

By Stephen Ruiz

This timeline recapitulates several significant moments throughout the history of the FIFA World Cup. Although the game of soccer, or “football” as it is known across the majority of the world, can be traced back thousands of years, the FIFA World Cup commenced only 86 years ago. The timeline captures memorable moments from 1930, when Uruguay defeated Argentina in the first World Cup, to 1984 when Diego Maradona punched the ball into the net, dubbing it the “Hand of God”.

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CDC Report: America’s 10 Cities Dealing With A Drinking Problem

By Stephen Ruiz

This interactive map utilizes data taken from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) prepared by Men’s Health Magazine to show the prevalence of drinking problems in American cities. Interestingly, zero cities on the East Coast were listed in the top 10, whereas a number of cities are located in California and Texas alone.

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