Google Trends: Tom Brady vs. Matt Ryan’s popularity


Searches for Tom Brady and Matt Ryan

By: Stephen Ruiz

Chicago, Ill — On Feb. 5, 2017, the National Football League (NFL) will complete its 2016-17 season with a matchup of quarterbacks sure to draw the eyes from sports fans worldwide. Tom Brady vs Matt Ryan.

How excited are football fans across the globe to see these two dual it out February 5? Google Trends reports that almost double the fans are searching for Tom Brady of the New England Patriots over Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons. This comes as no surprise, four-time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady is currently the all-time winningest quarterback, surpassing newly retired great Peyton Manning last month in career wins. Matt Ryan, on the other hand, hasn’t won a championship since a 2002 matchup in High School.

At the time of Atlanta’s win over Green Bay on Sunday, Google Trends reported the search “Matt Ryan” a score of 55, relative to a score of 100, on their chart reporting search interest. But more fans showed interest in searching “Tom Brady” at the time of their win over the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday night, as Google Trends reported a score of 100— the highest score possible.

Single-game elimination games in sports are historically unpredictable, but if Google Trends charts is an indication of a favorite going into Super Bowl LI, there should be no doubt that Tom Brady will be hoisting his fifth Lombardi Trophy.


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