The ’05 Chicago White Sox popularity vs. The ’16 Chicago Cubs


Searches for “Chicago Cubs World Series” and “Chicago White Sox World Series”
By Stephen Ruiz

Chicago, Ill — In 2005, the Chicago White Sox did something that the Chicago Cubs hadn’t done in nearly 100 years— win a World Series. In fact, the Sox also had a championship drought lasting 88 years! However, despite the White Sox bringing home the Commissioner’s Trophy to Chicago, it seemingly remained an unpopular topic compared to the 2016 Cubs World Series.

Google Trends reports that in 2016, the search “Chicago Cubs World Series” was three-quarters more popular than the search “Chicago White Sox World Series” in 2005. With a score of 25 out of 100 on Google’s search interest chart, it was a swing and a miss when compared to a score of 100 out of 100 Cubs.

It doesn’t take a baseball analyst to tell you that the Cubs fanbase is considerably larger compared to the lowly South Siders. Instead, it gives us insight as to just how popular the Cubs are across the country. A Sox team that won the World Series after 88 years compared to a team in the same city that took 108 years was considerably lower in popularity when studied closely.

The Chicago Cubs are without a doubt one of the leagues favorite teams in terms of popularity but, the Chicago White Sox will always have their small niche community of proud and loyal fans.

Editor’s Note: Google usage in 2005 should be considered when interpreting this data.


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