Aqueous returns to Chicago’s Lincoln Hall: 11/16/2017

Aqueous 2017

By Stephen Ruiz

Groove rock juggernaut and improvisation specialists, Aqueous, are launching into their 2017 Fall tour Tuesday, October 24th, in Wilmington, North Carolina. A lengthy 26-date tour that runs through December, with New Years’ performances at the Fillmore in Denver, and a special New Years Eve throw-down in their hometown of Buffalo, New York.

Coming off their latest live release, “Aqueous Live 9/16/17 Indianapolis, Indiana” and their recent single, “Weight of the Word” the band has been busy since their last appearance in Chicago at the Live On Lincoln street festival.

Aqueous Live on Lincoln .jpg

Live on Lincoln July 2nd, 2017. Photo by Aaron Bradley 

Touring extensively for years now, the band has picked up momentum heading into 2018, playing numerous festivals in 2017 such as Summer Camp Music Festival and The Peach Music Festival- All while additionally opening for major bands in the scene such as Chicago’s own Umphrey’s McGee.

In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, guitarist and vocalist Mike Gantzer explained how the band has been studying their fans responses to specific shows and particular versions of songs to enhance the way they set up order and variation within the jams. Gantzer also explains in a recent Facebook post how they’ve been exploring their own musical repertoire within themselves, as musicians, and how that has also helped in the refining of the structures within their sets:

“We’ve really been exploring the boundaries of what’s possible improvisation-wise lately; it’s become pretty common for us to have 3-4 song sets happening so we can properly jump off the deep end, and really see how things develop. This show from Indy represents this newfound sonic exploration.” – Mike Gantzer

Finding out what all the buzz is about on a Thursday night in Chicago will be worth the melodious hangover- So be sure to set your alarms and coffee pots the following morning. Rest assured, you won’t get your fiending rock n’ roll tummy tickled by any other than the one-and-only Aqueous in Chicago November 16th at Lincoln Hall!

Ticket Info: Aqueous live at Lincoln Hall 11/16/17


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